How to do the parallel parking

Parallel Parking

The #driving school near me is back after the Covid 19 lockdown. Thankfully, the coronavirus did not kill Avant Garde Driving School.

Welcome to you, and I hope you are also well.

Today I would like to talk about parallel parking.

How difficult is parallel parking?

Everybody tries to run away the moment I say: “And now we are going to do parallel parking.”

It baffles me why people are scared of parallel parking. Did you know that parallel parking is simpler than alley docking?

“No way,” you will say.

My question is, what is less complicated. To go around a bend and then squeeze in between poles, or to turn into one direction, then the other, and then stop?

How difficult can that be?

Let’s do the parallel parking.

Most driving schools teach the candidate to pass the test. Passing the test does not mean you can park or drive.

When you learn to park by looking at marks on your car in line with a pole, you do not practice how to park. In real life, your vehicle may not have the same markings as the car you use for the test. Also, I cannot see the poles in the parkades. So, how will I align invisible markings to non-existent post?

The better way to learn is to steer your car.

Where do you start, and where do you end? Take your car from the starting point to the finishing point.

How do I do the parallel parking

Move the car until the back of the car aligns with the first three poles. Keep on moving slowly and turn the steering wheel sharp in the correct direction. The rear of the vehicle must turn towards the curb.

While turning, look in the side mirror opposite the direction in which you steer. As soon as you see the pole closest to the curb, you start straightening the steering wheel and turn your head to see the middle post. Then steer the car so that the middle of the vehicle will align with the prop in the middle.

As easy as that!

Don’t fool yourself. You will need some practice to steer the car to the middle, but once you understand the movement, you will be able to make a perfect parallel parking at any time with any car.

Enjoy a happy parallel parking.

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