What do you need to know about the pre-inspection for the Driving Test?

To prepare you for the K53 driving license test, the Driving School near me, Avant Garde Driving School in Pretoria, discusses the pre-inspection for the driving test.

What is the pre-inspection about?

Pre-inspection is a necessary action to take before driving off early in the morning. Why will that be so?

Have you ever driven off just to notice your car does not move the way it should? The car seems to be sluggish, and it feels like moving like a crab. After investigation, you realise you have a flat tire. The situation may be worse. You indicate to make a right turn in heavy traffic, but someone wants to overtake. Later you realise the indicator was malfunctioning.

You would have noticed the problems if you had taken the time to do the pre-inspection.

An explanation of the pre-inspection.

You always start underneath the car on the driver’s side. Then you move in a direction naming each component of the vehicle. Do not skip anything. The order you follow is unimportant as long as the items follow in sequence.

The pre-inspection for a car.

1.)  Underneath the car. Look underneath the vehicle for any leakages or obstructions.

2.)  The driver’s door. The door can open and close, locks and unlock, the window winds up and down, and the panels are stable.

3.)  Side mirror. The mirror is clear and in good condition.

4.)  Windscreen. The windscreen is clean and without cracks.

5.)  Wiper. The wiper blades are in good condition and functional.

6.)  Tires. The thread is more than one millimetre over the entire tire tread. The tire is well inflated and without any cracks in the side walls. The bolts are tight.

7.)  Lights. The lights and lenses are in good condition.

8.)  The numberplate is clean, stable, and corresponds with the valid license.

9.)  Engine compartment. Check the oil, water, brake fluid, and fan belt.

10.)                   Do the rest of the car similarly. Remember to do the wiper and windscreen again as you have done on the other side. Now you have to do the second side as well.

11.)                   The back of the car. Start at the bottom and work up.

a.)  The exhaust. The exhaust is in good condition.

b.)  The number plate. The numberplate corresponds with the license.

c.)  The boot. The spare wheel, jack, and wheel spanner are in the boot with a triangle.

Finish at the back door behind the driver.

You can change the order to 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 4, 5, 9, 8, 10.

A word of advice.

Take enough driving lessons to ensure you are well prepared for the driving test. The test is easy, and you do not want to fail because you are unsure or stressed. We at Avant Garde Driving School, your Moot Driving School, wish you well.

A Final word.

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