All about K53 (Part 1) Avant Garde Driving School is the driving school near me. We take pride in your safety. It is crucial to understand why you do what you do.  We do not only teach you to drive but also to drive safely. During the next few months, we will show you everything […]

In Part 1 of the meaning and use of K53, we had a look at  1.) Observations. 2.) Crossing of arms. 3.) Foot position on the clutch. Today we look at the remaining rules of K53. Press the button of the handbrake in when using the handbrake.  Usually, a person will pull the handbrake without […]

The #driving school near me is back after the Covid 19 lockdown. Thankfully, the coronavirus did not kill Avant Garde Driving School. Welcome to you, and I hope you are also well. Today I would like to talk about parallel parking. How difficult is parallel parking? Everybody tries to run away the moment I say: […]

Coronavirus- the modern Black Death. 5 ways to protect yourself The Black Death was the “first disastrous wave of epidemics”, according to Benedictow. What was the Black Death? Also known as the Pestilence or the Great Plague. The plague started in 1347, resulting in the deaths of approximately 200million people, and end in Europe between […]

Don’t worry about the Coronavirus-it is not serious The day before lockdown I walked into a shop to pay an account. Three shop attendees stod behind the counter complaining about no work no pay. I decided to explain to them the seriousness of the situation. The response was: “Agh, you know us, we just carry […]