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9 main reasons why South African roads are the most dangerous worldwide. Today the driving school near me, Avant Garde Driving School in Pretoria, looks at why it is not safe to drive on public roads anymore. How does South Africa compare with other countries? According to Zutobi.com, South Africa ranks 56 out of 56 […]

This is the procedure for the turn in the road, three point turn, or u-turn during the driving test.

The K53 observations. What is an observation? To observe is to monitor or to notice something, and to realize it is important. When you are driving, it is essential to see the other traffic. You should also be able to recognize their next movement and possible actions. The purpose of the K53 observations. The purpose […]

The K53 observations. Good day from the Avant Garde Driving School team. As the driving School near me, we would like all our customers to drive safely. One of the critical factors in safe driving happens to be the observations. We hope all drivers in the Moot will observe the observations. What is an observation? […]

In Part 1 of the meaning and use of K53, we had a look at  1.) Observations. 2.) Crossing of arms. 3.) Foot position on the clutch. Today we look at the remaining rules of K53. Press the button of the handbrake in when using the handbrake.  Usually, a person will pull the handbrake without […]

Don’t worry about the Coronavirus-it is not serious The day before lockdown I walked into a shop to pay an account. Three shop attendees stod behind the counter complaining about no work no pay. I decided to explain to them the seriousness of the situation. The response was: “Agh, you know us, we just carry […]