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Are you scared to drive

Many think it is hard to get a driving licence. They are scared to drive. Some do not even like driving at all.

Do you like doing something you cannot do? I don’t. So why should you like driving if you cannot drive in the first place. Let us think about this.

Do you need a licence

Definitely yes.

In the good old days it was not important to have a licence. Why not.

Cities like Pretoria was relatively small. The public transport was excellent. Now the cities are big and the destinations spread out.

In a modern society you need to be mobile and independent. You cannot rely on others for transport. They are too busy to help you.

Are you scared of driving

Great. You need to be scared. Other people cannot drive. At Avant garde Driving School we teach you to make use of your fear to keep you sharp. Be a safe driver.

How will Avant Garde driving school help you

At Avant Garde Driving School we do not teach you to pass the test. We teach you to be a competent driver. We teach you step by step. From cluth control to doing your first parking during the first lesson.

Then we do not only teach you to pass the driving test, we teach you to be a professional driver after the test.

Try us today for an unforgettable experience.