Why K53 – The history

“Why K53. Nobody drives like that,” I often hear.

My answer is: “Did you notice the many accidents on the roads.”

Let us look at the history of K53.

History of K53

During the beginning of the 1900 a person could buy a car like you would buy groceries or a lounge suite. But only if you could afford it. No need for a licence. That was called the good old days. Again, only if you had money.

Then there was the First World War. Everything changed. The only people with money happened to be the pilots. So they bought cars. This situation created more cars on the road. Added to that, the drivers was not anybody. They were people used to speeding high up in the air. They had no idea of road safety. The result was that more pilots died in a short time on the road than during the war. They knew how to turn an aircraft, they did not know how to take a bend in the road with a car.

Something had to be done. Oh no! Licence.

The original licence was an easy test. Start the car and go around the block. Nobody took it serious.

People started to buy more cars. More cars on the road. Different people driving, each with his own idea of how to drive.

The result? Oh no, again! The licence had to be more strict. It also had to be more structured. K53 (Please do not ask me why K53 or not another name) developed from there.

Advantages of K53

K53 was developed to protect the driver as well as the car.

Take a look at yourself.

Do not cross arms while turning. Why not? You can damage your arm when turning too often. Ever heard of a condition called tennis elbow? You are welcome to google if you do not know. When your arms are crossed during a turn and there is a big pothole in the road, look how vulnerable your pulse is.

What about the car.

Pulling the handbrake going click click? You wear the ratchet down. Use the button on the lever when applying the handbrake. Using your clutch first when you want to stop? The car accelerates and it is harder to stop. Except for your leg working harder, you also use more of the brake pads.

What about the relation between you and the other drivers on the road? Check your blind spot before turning or before making a change of lane.

To summarise

Someone said: “But sir, if everyone drives K53, there will not be accidents.” After this article I believe you will agree. Remember, there is only one person on the road who can drive proper. Guess who that may be.

Drive safely. Safety is your responsibility.