The Blind Spot

Check your blind spot to prevent this

Today, your Moot driving school, Avant Garde Driving School in Pretoria, discusses the blind spot.

What is the blind spot?

The blind spot is the area you cannot see in the mirrors or at the side of your eyes while driving normally.

Where is the blind spot?

The blind spot is in the area where another vehicle is in the next lane, and about in line with the back wheel of your vehicle to just past the back of your car.

The blind spot is not away from your car. When you can see a vehicle in your side view mirror, it will normally be the vehicle behind the car in your blind spot.

It is important that you turn your head to see a vehicle in your blind spot.

Why is the blind spot dangerous?

While driving, a person normally looks at the side view mirror to look to see if it is safe to make a change of lane. The driver will see the vehicle behind the vehicle in the blind spot and judge the distance to be safe to make a change of lane. The driver does not realise there may be a car in front of the car he can see.

When the driver makes the change of lane, he crashes into the car next to him.

Drive safe, check your blind spot.

Before turning, or before making a change of lane, always check your blind spot first. Drive safely.

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