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What you need to know about shooting first. Today your driving school in the Moot, Avant Garde Driving School near me, Pretoria, will tell you the importance of shooting first. What does it mean to shoot first? In the good old days, when we watched cowboy flieks, the brave cowboy always said: “I shoot first, […]

The K53 observations. What is an observation? To observe is to monitor or to notice something, and to realize it is important. When you are driving, it is essential to see the other traffic. You should also be able to recognize their next movement and possible actions. The purpose of the K53 observations. The purpose […]

The K53 observations. Good day from the Avant Garde Driving School team. As the driving School near me, we would like all our customers to drive safely. One of the critical factors in safe driving happens to be the observations. We hope all drivers in the Moot will observe the observations. What is an observation? […]