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Clutch Control

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Today Avant Garde Driving School wants to help you with clutch control.

What is clutch control?

Clutch control means you control your vehicle with the clutch. By manipulating the clutch, you control the speed of your car, preventing it from stalling.

What makes a car move?

What makes a car move? I bet your answer was the petrol (or the gas). Wrong answer, sorry. The clutch makes the car move!

Allow me to give a simple explanation of how the clutch functions. I know you are a mechanic, knowing what the engine looks like and how every part fits together. However, I will anyway explain the mechanics. 

Clutch control explained

How does the clutch work?

Think of a triangle and a circle. The point of the triangle faces the circle. The triangle resembles the clutch, and the circle the gearbox. The two shapes are not connected. 

The car will not be in gear in this position, even though you may use the gear level to put the gear into place. 

When you lift your foot slightly upwards, the clutch and the gearbox will connect. You should feel a slight movement from the car, and the sound from the engine will change.

By lifting your foot higher, the car will start to move. The higher you raise your foot, the faster the vehicle will move. When your foot is entirely away from the clutch, the car will reach maximum speed. 

The speed will be slow until you add pressure on the petrol pedal. Then the vehicle will accelerate. 


You can see from the above that it is not the petrol making the cat move, but the clutch. Therefore you can use the clutch to control the speed of your car while moving slowly.

What is the application for using the clutch?

Bring your clutch to the connecting point when you want to pull off. Then apply the accelerator to raise the revolutions of the engine. This action is to prevent the vehicle from stalling. Remove your foot slowly from the clutch while increasing the petrol. Your car will move off without jerking.

When you want the vehicle to move slowly while doing the parallel parking or the alley docking, do the action without applying petrol.

A final word.

Avant Garde Driving School hopes you will find this article helpful for controlling your vehicle. 

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