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Drive safely – Be alert

Today, Avant Garde Driving School, near you in the Moot, Pretoria, discusses safety.

What is safety?

Safety is a situation protecting you from harm. A safe environment implies everybody near you is also covered. Any form of danger does not surround you.  

What kinds of danger are there?

Danger can come in many forms. Danger can be at home or the workplace. It can also be when you enjoy a picnic or drive to your destination. Danger can be chemical spills or poor weather. It can also be from a person. Someone else can act dangerously, creating damage to you, or vice versa.

The most common danger is on the road. How often do you see an accident?

What is safety?

Safety is about preventing or avoiding harm to yourself and others. You avoid injury from happening.

Safety on the road.

For our purpose, we are interested in safety on the road.

I taught many to drive according to the K53 method. Often the learner feels hostile towards the technique because it seems challenging to operate according to the rules. Most accidents on the road are not an accident. The accident was because of stupidity. It is not the speed that kills. It is the person’s stupidity creating the dangerous situation who is responsible for the death. Do you want to be a murderer? Even when the court does not find you guilty, you remain the responsible person.

Read the article about K53 here:

After a lesson, one learner exclaimed: “But sir, if everybody drives K53, there will be no accidents!” 

Was he right or wrong?

He was perfectly correct. Should an accident still occur, it would indeed be an accident.

Why are there so many accidents?

So, why are there so many accidents?

Everybody believes they can drive well, and therefore nobody drives according to the K53 method. The more they go, the more arrogant they become. They take a gap and get away with it. Next time it is easier to do so. After a few successful attempts, they take a chance where there is no gap. The result is an accident.

Was it an accident? 

I do not think so. It was negligence, arrogancy, selfishness, and high-mindedness.

How many people in this world can drive well?

Only one!

Maybe you think I am wrong. Let me prove my observation.

Firstly, do you know who that one person is who drives well?

The answer is obvious. You are the only one who can drive well. Congratulate yourself.

But beware. That qualification has a responsibility. On your shoulders rest the safety of all other drivers.

You are the only person who can prevent an accident. All other drivers do not care. They only care about themselves and their own needs.

Your responsibility.

It is your responsibility to watch out for the behavior of other drivers. Always remember, other drivers only think about their problems and desires. They expect you to stay out of their way.

Did you hear the comment: “he also has brakes”?

The person making that comment forgets the other person may realize that he should apply the brakes too late, or what if the brakes fail?

What should you do about safety?

Always remember your responsibility. Keep it that way. You are the only one who drives safely.

The last word.

Safety is the responsibility of the individual. Unfortunately, many people refuse to accept this responsibility. Be strong enough to abide by the rules, and realize the weaknesses of others. Act responsibly, think for others, and drive safely.

Until next time, remain safe.

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