9 main reasons why South African roads are the most dangerous worldwide.

9 main reasons why South African roads are the most dangerous worldwide.

Today the driving school near me, Avant Garde Driving School in Pretoria, looks at why it is not safe to drive on public roads anymore.

How does South Africa compare with other countries?

According to Zutobi.com, South Africa ranks 56 out of 56 countries in their survey titled “the world’s safest and most dangerous roads.”

If you are looking for danger and an adrenaline rush, South Africa is the number one country to test your abilities. The annual death toll on South African roads is significantly higher than anywhere else. What is the reason for that?

What are the top 9 reasons causing accidents?

1. Distractions.

Why is it so essential to text while you drive? Is the advantage of a cell phone, not the power it gives you to use it when you choose? Why do you prefer to text while you are driving? Who is the master? You, or the cell phone. Do you genuinely want to be the slave of something like a cell phone? Shame on you.

Cell phones are not the only distraction. When last did you eat or drink while driving? Or maybe you had an extra snooze before jumping out of bed. Now you are late for work and must apply your make-up, endangering your own eyes and co-drivers.

2. Drunk driving.

Ooh, is it not impressive to impress your buddies with how much you can drink? You can now drive home without an accident to make it more unique. Why do we use the word unique? Because no one else can do it!

How special can you be?

3. Speeding.

Man, oh, man! What is more exciting than whizzing through the traffic, taking non-existing gaps and moving from the far right lane to the far left lane in seconds to take the off-ramp?

Did you notice how many accidents the professional racers have during a race? They are skilled and trained to drive fast. They receive money when they win the race. Yet, they cannot operate without making accidents.

What makes you better than them?

And remember, you believe you are so good. The other drivers sharing the road with you are not so experienced. They do not have the training to stay out of your way.

4. Reckless driving.

You are undoubtedly the best driver in the world. You can handle any dangerous situation on the road you create. Also, as the most important person in the world, everybody should make space for you. Human rights only apply to you; therefore, you are allowed to be arrogant, selfish, and high-minded. Red robots are for other people to stay out of your way. There is no need for you to take your place at the back of the queue. Therefore you are allowed to drive in the oncoming lane past the other traffic to turn right at the intersection. Why should you be considerate to others when you are in a hurry?

Did you know that people telling you speed kills are liars?

If that was true, all aeroplane passengers would die, not to mention the astronauts.

It is not the speed that kills, but stupidity. Your stupid actions create danger, resulting in an accident. Death is only because of the impact of the accident. Talking about accidents, how many accidents do you think are genuine accidents?

5. J-Walking.

Who in their right mind would walk in front of a vehicle moving 120 km/h?

And yet, each day, many people challenge the traffic. The only problem is that it is not another person catching you, but a piece of metal at high speed. Is it a school game to see if you can reach the other side without being caught?

Often, the vehicle driver is wide awake and avoids the culprit, only to lose control over the vehicle and crash against something, or somebody, else.

6. Weather conditions.

Why is it that there are so many more accidents on a rainy day?

In South Africa, the weather conditions are far better than in Europe, yet the impact is far worse. In South Africa, you may experience rain, but the possibility of snow is rare. When it rains in South Africa, it seems people find adrenaline from somewhere, and they have fun on the roads. Is it because they do not realise the danger, or is it their arrogancy?

7. Poor road conditions.

What can a person say about this situation?

With a government finding joy in deterioration, why should anybody care about the road conditions? The more holes in the roads, the more they can hide their sins.

The potholes are not only a danger to your tires but also create a loss of control over your vehicle.

8. Vehicle faults.

Many years ago, cars were not so good, and the conditions were poorer. Often you would see a broken car next to the road or be towed.

Presently, the cars are better, and the people are more prosperous. Why are there more broken and damaged cars than ever before? A few years ago, it was an exception to see a broken car. The problem is that many vehicles are not harmed in such a way they cannot move but are unroadworthy. They do not have brakes or lights. Often the tyres are so worn they look like ski pads.

But then, why should you maintain your vehicle? It is too expensive and while your car can move, why worry? Anyway, it is not your problem if you kill someone else.

9. No driving license.

With a government specialising in corruption and lawlessness, why should you spend money to obtain a valid driving license? I mean to say, it is so much trouble to learn to drive correctly. What do you do with a driver’s license anyway? You can do better things with your time and money. And, when a traffic cop stops you, you can gain a new friend and give him a few bucks. Therefore, there is no need for a driving license.

A final reminder.

Did you know there is only one good driver in the whole world? Do you know who that is? That driver happens to be you!

You carry the responsibility of all other drivers on your shoulders. You are the one who should ensure the safety of all others. Take it for granted that other drivers do not care and avoid accidents as far as possible.

Can you do that?

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